I'm Going to Miss Summer!

This morning, now officially fall season, is warm and it smells a bit like summer. I drink it all in knowing that the cooler weather will replace this last bit of summer soon enough. I close my eyes and remember a visit to the beach, walking in the sand barefoot or drinking a cool beverage.

I'm practicing my memories for later, noticing sounds and feelings. I'll need it in the upcoming dead of winter chills. And I remind myself that life is all about cycles and that each one has a place and purpose in our lives.

It brings me a certain peace, the kind that tells you that things are as they should be. Even when the world around me seems to be spinning out of control. I relinquish control and accept that a higher force than myself is busy making it all happen. I love the freedom of letting go. Maybe that is what fall is all about. It is Nature showing us all how beautiful it can be to just let go.