My Fingernails Look Terrible From Fall Gardening.

During my morning routine I noticed that my fingernails looked terrible. They were chipped and had leftover dirt from my fall gardening. I had washed my hands last night but they needed a extra care from a nail file for sure.

I was so pleased at how much better they looked after using my crystal nail file to straighten up the chips and get the leftover dirt under my nails. I just love these files. And not only because I make and sell them. Crystal nail files are permanent. They never wear out. They are good on natural and acrylic nails, can be used on babies and are perfect for people with diabetes. A metal file is not recommended for diabetes sufferers.

I keep nail files all over my house and my car. You never know when your nails will chip and you need a quick repair. All I have to do when the files get dirty is wash them in soap and water and dry them with a soft cloth. Voila, brand new again.

And now I can feel good about all the "fall closing up gardening"  I did last week and that my nails are presentable and clean.Crystal Nail File with Nail Polish