Santa is Coming to Town!

I've been busy making my new 2020 collectible ornaments collection. My usual process has been upended by the Covid 19 pandemic. I usually created ornaments for in-person artisans shows during the holiday season. Each week, I made more to replenish my sold out items.

This year, there are no shows. I miss them so much. Yes, of course, I miss the sales but what I miss most is the reactions from customers. I always looked forward to seeing the children's eyes as they saw my Santas and my birds. I missed watching a customer choose a bunch of them, deciphering which family member or friend was going to get this one or that one. The eyes reminding them of an uncle, or the nose, of a brother. My favorite was the little ones using their allowance to buy an owl ornament for their Mom.

This year, I long for that connection again. I miss seeing the joy and excitement my creations cause. That will be my request from Santa, I want connection.

For those bravely shopping online, I ask to share your thoughts about my ornaments. I long for conversations between me and my customers.

p.s. I think the ornaments want to be told they are beautiful too. Just kidding, they'd be happy with being told they are nice. Ho! Ho! Ho!

p.s.s. For the full 2020 collection, consult

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